Monday, April 9, 2012

easter recap

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Ours was filled with lots of food, family and fun. We went to 2 Easter dinners, Owen had 4 Easter egg hunts and after all is said and done he's made out with more loot and chocolate than any 2 year old should be allowed, not that he's complaining.
It started with Owen's daycare fundraising bake sale where we made my grandmother's famous fudgy brownies with icing. Owen helped by stirring the ingredients and licking the bowl.

I mentioned we attended 2 different Easter dinners. The first was my family's get together where we brought Creme Brulee.

This is one of the few times a year that I get to pull out my kitchen blowtorch which is always a spectacle to behold and humour.
Here's Owen with his bat cycle (from Nana & Papa) and batman Converse shoes (Katie and Mouth). Thanks guys, but it must have paled in comparison the next morning when Owen woke up to the Easter Bunny leaving a plastic kite, a tooth brush, cool shades and a couple masks.
Owen mastered the hunt by round 3 where he quickly snagged his one foil wrapped chocolate egg and then left the rest of the plastic eggs behind. Game over! Here he is at breakfast eating his Smarties egg, the breakfast of champions! Are we not asking for a melt-down here?
Once the chocolate was finished, he picked up the rest of the eggs which were filled with stickers and grow capsules.  
Our second family get-together was Easter Sunday at my in-laws where Owen gets to party with his cousins. This family keeps growing - we're going on 6 cousins (under 5)!
It's getting pretty damn hilarious watching the kids get down after eating a couple chocolate eggs.
Along with Asparagus with Hollandaise we brought Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting from Great Food Fast.
And an Easter Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova.
To me, Easter food is all about cooking with eggs. If I can't get through a carton of 18 eggs in the week leading up to Easter strictly on food alone, then we're just not doing justice to the holiday.

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alicia said...

as usual, i want to eat all of the things you made. and also as usual, my husband is jealous of owen's batman/robot outfits and accessories!