Wednesday, April 4, 2012

baked tortellini

This is our Baked Tortellini using Great Food Fast’s recipe for Baked Ravioli.
I remember seeing this in the cookbook and thinking to myself, who couldn’t figure out how to make something like this? I felt there wasn’t any need to use a recipe to make a baked pasta. Come on! But we made this according to the recipe and it was great! It took quite a while because you start by making a homemade pasta sauce then adding your partially cooked pasta. Finishing with a generous sprinkling of mozzarella it bakes for quite some time. The mozzarella was the real kicker in this dinner. If we were to make this again I think we’d mix the shredded mozzarella right into the pasta dish because it added a great flavour along with the cheese tortellini. And, wow, talk about a kid friendly dinner. Some dinners get Owen so riled up he has to celebrate, and this is one of those dinners. That’s another great thing about this dinner, it lasts 2 (or more) dinners, so luckily this one was a hit that no one minded eating twice.

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