Friday, February 25, 2011

give a big 'grrrr' for growler!

I recently discovered how much fun it is to buy Growler's at Consumer's Beverage in WNY. I guess to start I should explain what a growler is for a few of you who may not know. Don't worry, it seems like every border agent doesn't know what they are when we declare them. It's a half gallon of beer in a glass jug.
The novelty of these is that Consumer's has 8 - 10 taps which you can fill and try different beers. Being parents to a one year old we obviously don't get out for a pint much these days. I think beer from draught tastes quite different than from bottles, so this is a neat way of tasting lots of different microbrews that don't make their way to Canada. For Valentines Day I bought Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (which was a whopping 10%!). And this weekend I picked up a growler of Southern Tier's Ne'tra Gal. Katie picked up Rhorbach Scottish Ale.

We especially got a kick out of the nylon 'growler cozies' they sell at Consumers. They were not very cute with an airbrushed art style. It gave me the idea to ask Katie if she could knit a 'growler cozy'. I bet she could even start her own shop selling them along with wine bottle cozies.

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katie a go go said...

Guess what!! I finally did it! I got a blog for you to follow. Check it out. :D