Monday, February 21, 2011

family day yo gabba gabba party!

Since Ontario implemented "Family Day" a few years ago, we've actually observed the holiday for its true purpose. This year was no different with having my sister stay with us for some quality Owen time. It's a little difficult to have parties these days, but we managed to blend everyone's interests into a Yo Gabba Gabba watching marathon / party. 
We pulled off this party on a spur-of-the-moment. Nuno and I decided to make a celebratory cake that morning and got right to work. I baked the Busy Day Chocolate Cake early and once cooled Nuno shaped and decorated the cake.
Here's Nuno helping Muno come together with a blanket of bright orange fondant.
After purchasing a couple chocolate discs and M&M's at Bulk Barn the cake was complete.

We ate these Brobee nachos for dinner.
Owen isn't really of TV watching age, and I'm certainly not on board with plopping him in front of the Treehouse TV as a sitter. But he had fun catching a few clips here and there and recognized the Muno cake dad made. We had so much fun together and I have to admit, I'm totally hooked on Yo Gabba Gabba.

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alicia said...

owen is so lucky to have such talented and creative parents! also, is there any cake left? :D