Wednesday, February 2, 2011

chocolate-cherry clusters

Is anyone out there into dark chocolate with dried cherries? I discovered this combo less than a year ago and it's now my special go-to indulgent treat. That's why I was only too excited to try these Chocolate-Cherry Clusters from the most recent issue of Everyday Food magazine (Jan/Feb).

This is a pantry dessert if there ever was one. Only three ingredients and I had them all on hand last week when I was home with a sick Owen. Cornflakes, dried cherries and baker's semisweet chocolate. I had initially thought this would be a great bake sale treat because I'm always on the look out for nut-free baking.  But after tasting them they are definitely more adult in flavour. Probably because I used 60% cocoa baking chocolate. But how I love these. Oh, and did I mention that they are no-bake? Yeah, if you don't bake, this is your treat!

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