Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the real deal cubano!

Having blogged recently about the Cuban Sandwich I started reading a little bit about the history of this sandwich and realized that while Buffalo has their Beef on Weck, Philadelphia has their Cheesesteak, Boston/Maine has their Lobster Roll - Tampa is renowned for their Cuban Sandwich. It was neat to discover that the top rated Cuban Sandwich as voted by Tampa Bay area locals was from The Floridan, the very place I tried my first while staying in Treasure Island.

When my dad recently asked if I wanted anything brought back from Florida I asked him to bring back a Floridan Cuban Sandwich. So he purchased a cooler and ice packs and returned home with one today. So I now present to you the infamous Floridian Cuban Sandwich.
Having a sandwich with 2,000 km on it reminds me of the Cosby Show episodes where Cliff Huxtable brought his Philly Cheesesteaks back to NYC. Some sandwiches are worth that kind of effort!


alicia said...

that's love right there. both for a daughter from a father, and from a daughter to a sandwich. which is the stronger bond is for the ages to decide.

Erin said...

bwhahahahaha! Too funny!
Yes, we'll leave this one for the final judgment.