Monday, March 7, 2011

our little artist

This weekend I was writing a menu plan for the week when our ever curious 15 month old grabbed my ball point pen and scratched his own addition to the list. My first reaction was "not near the light lime green couch", but then I realized he's showing us that he has a little creative streak happening. We took him down to his playroom with his crayons and paper to see what he would do. 
He sat himself on his chair and scribbled to his hearts content. That afternoon we purchased a couple colouring books and Nuno illustrated a few drawings to inspire Owen. For people like us who love all creative endeavours, seeing the beginnings of a budding artist is so thrilling.


katie a go go said...

awwww, owen!!! this entry is too cute for words. i also LOVE the gumby picture on the wall that his daddy made for him. ask him to make me one too. haha

Anonymous said...

Awww, Erin I loved this one!! What a cutie! Can you post his drawings?
p.s. I'm printing off the pics for your Grandma to see Owen drawing at the table.