Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 weeks pregnant daily pics

If everything goes as planned Nuno and I plan to only have 2 kids, which means I have 2 months left in my life pregnant and dressing in maternity. In my last pregnancy my biggest regret was not taking more photos of myself. I can remember getting larger so fast was a real surprise - almost shocking watching all the changes that were happening. However, I had lots of fun getting ready for work daily while expecting Owen. And then -BANG – baby arrives and I'm living in my Lulu Lemons, slightly nostalgic for the days where I had a reason to shower first thing in the morning, style my hair and put on make-up. In anticipation for another frump phase, I’m having fun rooting through my closet attempting to put together pieces that maybe still fit and blend with my few maternity items. 

Every morning, amongst the rush, I quickly tried to snap a 31 weeks photo. But every pic I took had lousy resolution, so my solution was to try again the next day and then the next. Eventually I decided I’m not in a position to have any sort of pro maternity photo shoot, so I’ll just be happy with what I have and share them all.





Friday was a PA Day so I felt a little more liberated to wear a couple items I hesitate to be seen in the school yard dropping off my son in. I sometimes get a kick dressing like a biker chick / ex-wife of rock. When I left the house I had a denim jacket, skinny dark denim jeans (prego Canadian tuxedo!), black sunglasses and my black leather ankle booties. I paired it with my hologram Mickey Mouse Animal Kingdom black fitted T.

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