Thursday, October 10, 2013

one-pan pasta

Have you seen this One-Pan Pasta recipe online? I’m going to assume by now its somehow crept into one of your feeds because if I’m aware of it, you know it’s gone viral. From the June issue of Martha Stewart Living, this recipe has appeared everywhere from the Huffington Post to Yahoo Shine to a friend’s Facebook share (by that time the recipe met a next generation user’s pin on Pinterest). But the image is always the same.
All the ingredients placed in a pot, covered in water and cooked till absorbed.
I just had to try it... but it certainly came with hesitation. I had a concern about the done-ness of the pasta since it never gets drained (I’m nuts over al dente texture on pasta) so I followed this recipe to every last detail in skepticism. And it worked, this pasta recipe is kinda too good to be true!
I found we needed to be pretty generous with salt because your 2 main ingredients of pasta and tomatoes are notorious for requiring generous helpings of salt. A final topping of freshly grated parmesan and you are rockin’. This is a total new way of putting a fresh pasta dinner on the table and it kinda makes you wonder why we haven’t been making pasta like this for years. Well, it’s here to stay in our family. This is the ultimate in effortless cooking and is something you must try to believe. And believe it – it works! And also believe it’s delicious. So good that once complete my son walked into the kitchen and proclaimed, “Smells delicious in here mommy!” Moments later nothing was stopping him from gobbling up every last noodle.

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