Friday, October 25, 2013

trader joe's opens in WNY

A couple weeks ago Trader Joe’s opened their first WNY location. They are located on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, New York not far from the Boulevard Mall.

I’m super thrilled with this expansion because I’ve been known to set my suitcases overweight and load my car up anytime I’ve tripped to a city which has a T.J.’s location. Now it’s nice to be able to include a Trader Joe’s stop around my usual cross-border shopping.
Right now they have an expansive fall pumpkin selection which my sister Katie and I could not resist grabbing several of their seasonal items.

Among my load I picked up these pumpkin items and hope to make the pancakes tomorrow morning. I’m also looking forward to trying Joe's O’s since we just happened to finish a box of Cherrios one day before our visit.

My goodness this place is inexpensive. My grocery total was only $16 and I came out with what I thought was quite a loot.

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