Monday, October 7, 2013

baked banana-pecan oatmeal

This past weekend I decided to try something totally new for us, Steel Cut Oats. I think my initial trepidation on these was the long cook time, but then when the Everyday Food Blog shared this Banana Pecan Oatmeal breakfast (published in their final December 2013 issue) I jumped right on board. The technique used is to soak the oats overnight so they are ready to use in the morning and it worked like a charm. The next morning it was simple enough to reheat, flavour, top with brown sugar & bananas, torch and scatter with pralines. Yes, there’s nothing like firing up your kitchen blow torch before 8am on a Sunday, is there?

The finished breakfast looks like a dessert and tastes like one as well but a healthy one at that. I’m pretty sold on steel cut oats. They are definitely a step up from the standard rolled oats we are probably all familiar with in oatmeal. They have quite a bit more texture (I’d say similar to risotto). This recipe is total a winner and made enough for us to enjoy for the next several breakfasts.

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