Monday, March 4, 2013

TO time with KT at the CN

We took a little day trip this weekend up to Toronto to visit my sister and her boyfriend. We initially didn’t have any plans other than to let Owen spend time hanging out and admiring their toy collection. But since it wasn’t slushy and somewhat sunny and clear on Saturday we ventured to the CN Tower.

Funny enough this was a first for not only Owen, but for Nuno and myself as well. Kinda strange Nuno and I were born in Toronto but had never visited the CN Tower before. Well, luckily I’ve gotten my fear of heights under a reasonable amount of control (that’s what flying in a plane 4x a year will do). But how did Owen fare?

This pose says it all.

Afterward we visited Katie & Mouth’s fave comic store. I guess Comics and More on the Danforth sell their excess copies of recently published comics in a $1 discount bin. As you can imagine the ‘E’ everyone rated comics don’t really move. Great news for us because Owen just loves to sit with daddy and read comics before bed.

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