Thursday, March 7, 2013

spinach pasta with ricotta and pine nuts

There are some recipes that don’t seem like they could possibly be good but I’m always willing to give them a shot. Sometimes, to my surprise, they are fanstasic. Then there are those that sound like they have all the potential in the world to be tasty but end up being a total flop. This Spinach Pasta with Ricotta and Pine Nuts is an example the later.

All the ingredients sound like they could work, the photo in Everyday Food Great Food Fast makes it look so appetizing. It took me a year to find spinach pasta (finally came across spinach linguine at Wegman’s). I can understand why it’s so difficult to find, no one is buying it. I didn't realize how pungent it was (since I've only tried it before in a tri-colour rotini) but on it's own, it's quite putred. Although the spinach pasta throws this dinner, it's not the only problem - this meal is a fail on all ingredients. No amount of refining could save it.

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