Monday, July 20, 2009

yay! we're at the cottage!!

I'm blogging right now on the beach of my family's cottage in North Bay. We're having a great time up here, I really wish it wasn't so far away.

I thought I'd share some photos. Most of them are of Hot Tot who has really taken to life up here. She's being a big suck and seems to be getting lots of love and cuddles from all of us.

Tot's claimed this lounge chair as her own. She much prefers to spend the day in a chair - not laying on the sand like any other dog.

Or better yet - shaded and cuddling with Nuno.

Here I am happily looking pregnant. Maybe I'm pleased because I was able to fit into my swimsuit for this week at the cottage.

My dad has made a point of mentioning how happy he is that next year we'll have the fifth generation of our family up here at the cottage. It's really sweet. I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about coming up next summer. I'll be on maternity leave and my dad suggested I come up and spend time up here with the baby. I'm thrilled with the idea of spending a few weeks here and a few weeks at the other cottage we're planning on renting in the south end of the lake. It's a cabin we hope to be sharing with my cousins. It should be a wonderful summer next year - I hope the weather will be warmer.


katie said...

aw, these pictures of the cottage actually makes me wish i was up there. hot tot looks so cute there!!

i can't wait till next summer when the baby is around!

feelscript said...

Tot's lovin' it! Mom and dad find her so entertaining. But nothing will compare to when the baby gets up here!

Your party last night looked like a total success - wish we could have been there!