Friday, July 10, 2009

22 weeks and what a difference!

No denying I'm looking pregnant now! I look like I've got a cantaloupe up my shirt. But believe it or not the baby is just high enough that I'm still in my small jeans.

At this point I feel very connected to the baby since I can see and feel him. It's really neat to feel him moving around. These two changes have eased my mind completely so that I don't feel any more stress wondering if he's OK. He's in there having his daily 4am dance parties and that's just fine with me.


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Jen said...

congrats. this may be an odd question but I found your blog when I was researching for Halloween ideas. I was wondering if you would sell your iris top to me or please give me pointers on how to make the top. Finally a costume idea my husband choose!!!!!

thanks for your help.

PS- I would have emailed this to you but couldn't find one on your blog.
My email is
thanks again.