Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dog blog

Tot seems to have an anything goes attitude up here. She's making the most of her vacation by walking on the boardwalk, swimming and boating. She's into it all!

She met a St. Bernard on her walk along the boardwalk yesterday. Big meets small. She also has friends next door, a Jack Russell and Vishla along with Timmy's new chihuahua, TURBO!

The sound and speed of the boat didn't seem to bother Tot. Even the spiders didn't phase her.
She got so bold she propped herself over the side. She seems to be all too trusting of her life jacket outfit.

Yeah, she may never want to go home.


katie said...

keep up updating!!

Emily said...

Wow you look fantastic! I love your outfit! Hope you are feeling well, those middle months in the second trimester were my favourite :)

feelscript said...

Emily - thank you so much. It's hard to feel like you look good while pregnant so that's really sweet of you to say.
I have been feeling wonderful, I wonder what this final stretch will feel like. Probably less mobile, eh?

Leslie said...

Hot Tot is such a cutie.