Monday, July 6, 2009

family reunion 2009

This weekend was a long one for us opting to work Canada Day and take Friday instead. We were super busy the whole weekend, but yesterday was the most eventful day. We went to Nuno's family reunion BBQ at Bronte Creek. We had a great time. Not surprising, being an expectant mom at a family reunion is fun because of all the excitement of a new family member on the way. Everyone wants the scoop and recent parents offer fantastic advice.

My little nephew was as cute as ever. Here he is as Huckleberry Finn in his make-shift tent.

Hot Tot came along with us. We just made the decision to buy a doggie seat belt for her instead of using her crate. It was a disaster at first since she pulled a Houdini and shimmied herself out of the harness, but once I gave it a good tighten she was stuck in place. She found herself quite comfortable and relaxed.

Here we are in the way home from the family picnic. Hot Tot was quite the hit!

Now that we know Tot can travel in a seat belt we feel more comfortable about our weekend purchase. We bought our baby a stroller / car seat combo. We traveled with the car seat set up beside Tot and it looks like it will work out perfectly - which is a giant relief.

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Leslie said...

Awww, the doggie harness! Hot Tot is so cute. I just went "Awwww!" out loud and now Willi is crying out of jealousy.