Monday, February 8, 2010

go saints!

I don't know if it's because I'm logging a record number of TV watching hours now that I'm home with Owen, but it seems like I'm more aware of the Superbowl this year (with the exception of when the Bills made it years ago). But I was really looking forward to Superbowl Sunday just to eat delicious food and spend time with my dad. He's really into football and seems to think that Owen is into football just like him. So for effect, I play along. But it looks like the boy born to two creative-types might just be a jock one day.

Here he is sitting on Grandpa's knee and watching the game. I've never seen Owen watch TV before, but when football is on he's quite transfixed. He's wearing his Bill's creeper specially for Superbowl. At half-time (after the Who performance) he had another football creeper. He has a Who shirt too - but I'll hold back on the little guy. After dressing Owen in 3 different outfits the other day, Nuno reminded me that he's not a dolly. Hey, he loves hanging out on his change table and getting dressed, so I don't see any problem with it!

For me, Superbowl is an excuse to eat junky finger foods. How many occasions call for that outside of TV and Tupperware parties? I don't watch the game at all, just eat & drink. I made my highly requested guacamole along with other homemade and store bought dips. My parents made homemade pizza and Buffalo wings.

For dessert I made white chocolate toffee blondie bites. I kinda rolled Valentines Day into the Superbowl Party for a feminine touch, of course.

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