Thursday, February 11, 2010


Katie and I took a trip to Buffalo this time 2 weeks ago. We started off visiting the house that appeared on Extreme Makeover a few weeks ago. I've never watched a full episode of EM, but PVR'd the Buffalo episode because I saw quite a bit of coverage on the news when it was happening.

Here is the house after the makeover. Very different from the rest of the neighbourhood.

When Extreme Makeover came to B-lo, they must have felt like the entire 'hood needed work (which it does) and they helped many other homes. We recognized several as we walked to Dolores' house. This one is my favourite. The paint job is gorgeous and the house reminds me the homes in San Fransisco.

We then moved on to Mighty Taco. It's been ages since I've last enjoyed a Super Mighty and it did not disappoint! I love MT!

The real purpose of our trip was for some cross-border shopping. We went to the Walden Galleria and Target. In the middle of the afternoon we enjoyed Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Yep, we managed to fit in all our favourite stops while over the river and had tons of fun!

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