Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wow, finding time to blog is getting more and more difficult. Owen is spending quite a lot more time awake now (and having difficulty napping). I have lots to update so I might just have cluster updates when I can spare a moment at the computer.

Thanks for the supportive comments, some in person and others online. I'm not sure I can put to words just how good it made me feel. It certainly brightened my mood. It was a rough few weeks but I'm pleased to share that at our final trip to the lactation nurse between Christmas & New Years gave us the thumbs up! Our little guy is packing it on at a steady pace and is now 10 pounds. This means no more pumping after every feeding, not needing to feed every 3 hours and we can now attempt to start having Owen sleep through the night. Life with baby has become so much more manageable!

Loads of people were quite surprised with our decision to travel over the holidays. I've heard so many times, "Everyone will come to see the baby." That's just not the case with some of our family. We spent 2 days in Sarnia visiting Great grandma and Great grandpa for the first time and all our aunts, uncles and cousins. I have the best extended family - hands down - they are the best group of people. I wish we were living closer so we could spend more time.

My family did this when I was born - the Four Generations shot! Owen must think this type of photo is lame-o since he stuck his milky tongue out for this pic.

The little guy was showered with gifts, thank goodness he won't remember how many or we'd have a spoiled Owen on our hands. We needed to have my parents truck many gifts back to Niagara with them just because our trunk was so full.

We then moved onto Brampton for Christmas and Owen's cousin, Paige's baptism.

We are choosing to raise Owen with no religious affiliation. We feel this decision is for the best since we both no longer feel aligned with our Roman Catholic upbringing. But that doesn't mean we don't support and appreciate the values of all others around us.

Unfortunately, Owen became quite gassy while in Brampton which was very stressful. After limited sleep, loads of driving and a mother-in-law that just would not quit, we went home early.

The holidays were something way beyond any other Christmas I've celebrated before. Having our baby with us to celebrate was the most special experience.

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