Tuesday, January 12, 2010

growin' owen

In a couple days Owen will be 2 months old and, boy, is he ever growing. Yesterday Katie said she can't go two days without seeing Owen because she might miss something. I assured her there wasn't a chance of that happening. Well, no more than an hour after that telephone conversation Owen started to respond to tickles and cute voices by smiling, laughing and cooing. His face lights up and his toothless smile is heart melting! His voice is absolutely adorable. He is stringing what sound like words in baby language (mostly vowel sounds like "ahoo") and he hasn't stopped since last night. He's noticing all the mobiles and toys around him and is cuddling with toys now.

Here he is today snuggling his doggy blanket.

I think this major development was brought on by his play gym. He loves playing in this little gym he got for Christmas. This bee toy sounds every time he bats at it. It has really encouraged him to move. He can spend up to 20 minutes playing in here and moving his arms and legs.

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