Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pregnancy scare

I've been having a really rough week this week. Monday was an obstetrician appointment which is the usual blood pressure, baby heart rate check and belly measurement. For those who don't know much about the belly measurement, they basically check the size of your tummy in centimeters which corresponds with the number of weeks pregnant you are. I'm 33 weeks and when the OB measured my tummy it read 27! His immediate reaction was, "Your baby is not growing. It may not be getting enough nutrition." He then asked, "Have you felt him move lately?" My response was "OF COURSE!" He then explained that this situation is called 'small for dates' and he had to send me for an immediate ultrasound. This set me in a real panic and I begged that they get me in as soon as they could. I went home and cried, of course. I did what I know I shouldn't and read on the internet about this. Of the many number of things I dwelled on - the fact that the OB said my baby wasn't getting enough nutrition meant my placenta and/or uterus was giving out and they would have to induce super early. It also meant that there could be something wrong with the baby. I had everyone at work telling me he's probably a small baby since I'm a short girl. So I was hoping that was what the result would be.

Man, I had to try and sleep on all this, which is already difficult enough without this sort of stress! While trying to get some much needed sleep the little guy kept kicking me and letting me know he's still there and I kept hoping he will still be with us after all this. Two nights like this until I could hear the results Wednesday. It was rough.

So finally today we had the results from the ultrasound. The OB said, "Looks like your baby is hiding". "What's that mean?" "Your baby sits very low in your pelvis." Basically this belly measurement doesn't apply to my type of pregnancy (and, when/if you see me I'm not with a huge belly - but certainly look pregnant). I figure it's because I've been trying to stay fit and doing yoga (especially squats) which opened my hips right up. He then said the baby is four and a half pounds! This is exactly as he should be. The results of the ultrasound show the baby is already right in the correct birth position. He's engaged! This little ordeal went from the worst prognosis to the best news ever!

All along I've felt like this was the perfect pregnancy. Monday really burst my bubble, but now I'm right back to thinking this little guy rules! I'm so happy I'm back feeling this way just in time for the baby showers!!


Emily said...

Oh gosh, I am so glad everything turned out to be just fine! The last thing you need is to be worried.

Please keep updating, I can't wait to hear how things turn out!

feelscript said...

Thank you! It's a great relief.
Get this, after the OB told me the good news he took my blood pressure. It was high, naturally from the stress. But get this - the stress even affected the baby because his heart rate was super high.

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, how scary. I didn't know all of this had been going on because I hadn't been keeping up with your blog in a while.

I'm glad everything is okay. WHEW!!