Sunday, September 20, 2009

leafs hockey stick

My grandmother recently sold the home she lived in for 40 years in Leaside Toronto. It was a big production because a home that raised 4 children accumulates so many memories that require sorting. It took a year before the home went on the market for my grandmother to sort through everything. It seemed like perfect timing because along with my dad's toys from when he was a child (which have been passed on to us for our baby), she came across a little piece of Canadian hockey history.

This hockey stick was personally autographed by the entire Maple Leafs team the year they last won the Stanley Cup. It's in poor condition though. It think my dad and my uncle played with it a bit too much because the signatures seem to have worn off in areas where little hands would have held the stick. But one signature comes through crisp and clear...

The legendary Tim Horton!

More on the cool toys and hand-me-downs soon...

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