Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trader Joe's worship

The final little thing I wanted to touch on about our trip to Pittsburgh was Trader Joe's. On our vacations to American cities, we've always searched out the Trader Joe's for snacks while on vacation. This has really blossomed into a total spending spree since everything we've ever bought at this store has become our favourite snack items. The reason being that they have an organic, free trade, sugar free and totally friggin' yummy take on everyday food items. The only trouble is finding a way of taking it all home. We ended up paying an extra charge on one of our suitcases when returning on a plane home from San Francisco because of our TJ load-up. No worries this time though, driving means we could take home as many pantry items as we wanted. And we didn't hold back. I couldn't even fit half of what we bought into the photo below.

And to appease my odd pregnancy craving for macaroni and cheese, we picked up the TJ's
version. White Cheddar Shells and Cheese. It was totally delicious with a real cheddar flavour!

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