Saturday, August 22, 2009

rockabye baby

Earlier this week we purchased what some might feel is the most unimportant baby item. Baby's First Boombox!

Well, I feel music is really important in our lives, so why not have a nursery stereo? Nuno downloaded a whole bunch of these Rockabye Baby albums. For anyone who hasn't heard about them, they are lullaby renditions of rock music. There is a Rolling Stones one, Ramones, Pixies, Led Zeppelin... quite a few are available now. I sometimes sit at the computer and rest the speakers close to my belly to see how the baby reacts to music. The only thing I've noticed is he seems to really get crazy when listening to The Who. He's wild - like Keith Moon! Wait, that's not quite the projection I want of my son.

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Leslie said...

The incredibly talented Jason Falkner has a couple of volumes of instrumental Beatles covers called "Bedtime With The Beatles" that you should check out...