Monday, August 3, 2009

Fisher-Price & Dwell Studio for Target Cradle Swing

I have a lot of really exciting things I want to blog about, but just don't have the time right now. We just got back from our trip to Pittsburgh and tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. I'm ashamed to say, I had to post about this baby swing before these two events. Maybe because it's quick to tell, or maybe because I'm so jazzed about it, I can't seem to recover. I guess this is what happens when you have a baby - you become just too excited about it.

In creating a registry for the baby, I've been a little disappointed with the selection of items. We're constantly buying things on Kijiji just because some of this stuff is just too expensive for us to put onto our registry having our friends and family buy brand new. I finally broke down and started a baby registry at Target. The prices and style on some of the items are so much better than what is available here. While browsing online I came across this swing. Check out this trifecta of amazing-ness - Fisher-Price & Dwell Studio for Target Cradle Swing!

There is even and ipod dock! I could just see this fitting in perfectly into our living room.

I immediately went to check the availability of this item, and, what do you know, it's limited! Only one location in WNY carried it. I called this Target location and they had one left. I'm thrilled - we're picking it up tomorrow!


Leslie said...

That chair totally looks like the baby-sized version of one of these kinds of chairs!

feelscript said...

That’s totally the baby version of that chair. Actually, they should make an egg shaped baby swing seat.

Emily said...

that swing is AMAZING! i love it!

we also have a fisher-price brand swing. it's been a lifesaver since the very beginning... seriously. cooper loves it. it's pretty much the only place that he is still content to sit in for an extended period of time (being curious about everything that is going on around him, he doesn't seem to want to stay in the same place for very long!)

baby stuff is still exciting to us and cooper is over five months old. it doesn't stop ;)

lilskrimp01 said...

I love this swing. Less legs to trip over. lol