Thursday, September 19, 2013

third trimester

We’re officially beginning the third trimester this week at 28 weeks. Super excited to be at this point because the baby is doing fantastic, I’m feeling good and enjoying these weeks of actually looking unmistakenably pregnant. It happened just as we were leaving child care so everyone we were seeing on a daily basis knew Owen had a sister on the way and then entering elementary school it’s pretty clear. So a quick photo (which I’m still taking the old fashioned way) to document this landmark.

I was able to get by all summer in my shorts and after next week all the tanks, sandals and shorts are going away. I’ve started pulling out my fall clothes and the timing of this pregnancy is perfect for dressing up. I’m loving scarves, light jackets, cardigans and boots. I kinda feel like if you dress up while pregnant you feel better about the whole experience. Making it work is all part of the fun, granted it can be a bit of a challenge. Having said that, I’m still fitting in my regular jeans & clothes - for now - but I went ahead and purchased 2 pairs of maternity leggings (the best thing to wear pregnant!) & a pair of jeans from ASOS mail order and then have 2 pairs of stored maternity pants (black skinnies and jeans) I bought in March on an H&M mark-down. So I feel set to adjust through these last 3 months and hope to post more pics if I can convince Nuno to be a photographer for me (or teach Owen – hehe).

And now to talk about a recent recipe. I’m all over Smitten Kitchen right now, it’s my stand-in when Everyday Food can’t keep up with my new recipe demands. As tomato season is unfortnetly coming to a close we recently tried Deb’s Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes [Pomodori Ripieni di Riso]. I like the idea of a creamy rice filling on a stuffed vegetable and super juicy tomatoes are the perfect vessel. The prep was super quick but they took a little while to bake. Although we were happy with the results Nuno felt that the stuffing might have been tastier with a meat or cheese addition to filling. Which I agree, this meal is great for a light vegetarian dinner. We paired it up with foccacia to help round it out a bit.

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