Friday, September 6, 2013

labour day weekend 2013

With the recent switch-up in routine in having Owen enter elementary school I realized I forgot to blog about this past Labour Day Weekend. Not that there is a whole lot out of the ordinary to say, we do the same thing every year because we love to. We visit Sarnia to spend time with my grandmother.
Part of our tradition is to always stop off in London to visit Storybook Gardens in order to break up the drive a bit. On Saturday before we hit the road I did a quick Google for a refresher on how to get to Storybook Gardens where I discovered they were celebrating their Star Wars Day. Talk about perfect timing! There was even a discount on admission for kids who chose to dress up. From our experience at the NF Comic Con, we thought we’d find out if Owen was interested in wearing part of his Jedi costume, to which he was thrilled! So here’s a montage of that little adventure.

We had a wonderful visit catching up with family in Sarnia, we always really enjoy our time there. It’s hard when family isn’t close by, but what time we do spend is great for making memories. My aunt, uncle and grandmother came with us to the Animal Farm – another of our annual Labour Day traditions.

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