Wednesday, June 12, 2013

niagara falls comic con

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared Owen’s love for superheroes on here, but the kid’s crazy about them. It’s through Owen’s interest and Nuno’s knowledge I’m also learning (at a much slower pace) about all the heroes and villains in the Marvel & DC universe. As simple as it is for Owen, I’ll tell ya, I’m constantly struggling to get them all straight (there’s just so many). Of course, the fact that Owen’s such a natural comic fan suits Nuno perfectly, and you can imagine how easy it was for him to convince me that we all needed to attend the Niagara Falls Comic Con this past weekend. Yes, this visit was just for Owen, right!

Along with superheroes Owen’s also been intrigued by Star Wars. He is familiar with the current Lego animated version of Star Wars and has seen bits and pieces of the movies from the 70’s. I can clearly remember being totally freighted by so many of the characters and situations in Star Wars, but Owen’s never been a skidish kid. No nightmares, no nightlights, nothing about Halloween scares him. He’s just a guy who finds fantasy and sci-fi pretty fun. I guess that’s why this Comic Con was such a hit. Before we even entered the convention Owen was personally greeted by R2D2 and I’ll just let this series of photos illustrate the scenario.

Once we made it into the convention everyone in costume were so great about meeting Owen and posing for photos. I’m sure some of the fans who made their own costumes couldn’t have been more flattered that a 3 year old was convinced they were the real deal.

This convention was just the right size. They managed to host some real icons including Cory Feldman (!), Adam West (complete with Batmobile), Lee Meriwether, Lou Ferrigno and Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah from Degrassi – who’s a huge celebrity for me at least).

I was definitely part of a visible minority not in costume or wearing a fan shirt... um, what was I thinking?! But the Comic Con was busy, fun and probably some of the best people watching, as you can well imagine. We'll totally go again next year.

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