Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day weekend 2013

This Father’s Day weekend was all about celebrating Nuno and indulging him in things he loves. We started by going to see Book of Mormon at Shea’s Theatre in Buffalo. Nuno was dying to see this show and we managed to get tickets for the Friday night performance. We started the evening with dinner at a cute little restaurant behind the theatre called Bambino where we both had the most amazing wood oven pizzas. This was our first time inside Shea’s and it really is a marvel of its time.

Gorgeous mouldings, chandeliers and architecture which seems to be pretty well maintained since it was first built. Of course, the show was hilarious and I’d totally recommend seeing it if you ever get the chance.

Sunday, Father’s Day began with Owen waking at 5am and my valiant attempt at keeping him sequestered so Nuno could sleep in. That morning I managed to make BBQ sauce, clean the kitchen and prep for what was the most incredible breakfast we’ve had in ages – Bacon Pancakes. This recipe came from the Everyday Food blog and since we had everything already in the house they were super easy to whip up. Now, I expected these to be delicious because we all know how maple syrup goes well with bacon and pancakes, but these were just so beyond expectation. I’m thinking the 2 reasons were because the pancakes are cooked in the same pan as the bacon (adding flavour) and the pancake recipe itself is so great. They were some of the nicest homemade pancakes we’ve ever had; light, bouncy and slightly chewy. Really nice!

Another Father’s Day treat I made were these Strawberry Shortcakes. We drove past a farm stand selling fresh strawberries (they were being unloaded from the truck right as we arrived and were still warm from the sun). I really enjoy this particular recipe for shortcakes because they are rich and slightly crumbly which is a wonderful contrast to the berries and whipped cream. They were as delicious as they look.

Our Father’s Day came to a close with a dinner at my Dad’s golf club, Cherry Hill. The restaurant offered a fantastic buffet but I can't stop dreaming about their sticky toffee pudding. After dinner my dad took Owen out to the club’s practice putting green for a little play.

We really treated Nuno this past weekend because he deserves it. He’s been working long hours (sometimes 12+) during the week and needed a day of showering and pampering from the two of us. But moreover, he’s an awesome dad to Owen and husband to myself. We are seriously so lucky to have him in our lives.

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