Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake

Nuno really wanted to make a special birthday cake for our nephew Ronan's 4th birthday party. Ronan and his parents decided the theme was going to be Thomas the Tank Engine.  

To start Nuno did research on Thomas and devised a blueprint as to how he'd make this cake work out. He first had an acrylic skeleton built and a platform for the cake to stand on. Then Thomas' shape was 8 chocolate cakes I baked.

This is when the cake really started coming together.

Here is Nuno's work space but only really shows half of all the tools he used.

The final assembly happened at the party. 

Here are some detail shots of the finished cake.

Thomas' face is moulded Rice Krispie Treats with the top layer gum paste. Totally edible. Actually it was important that all the details could be edible including the chimney, lights, bumpers and details are candy and moulded gum paste. 

Ronan is a huge fan of Thomas and has even visited a real Thomas the Tank Engine, so the details on this cake were really important. 

Like these two gold whistles. Ronan noticed them and felt like it was really Thomas.

Thomas has coal in his tender. They sell chocolate rocks at Bulk Barn that worked perfectly here. 

Ronan LOVED his cake. It really was super cute to see his reaction to it. We have some film footage of it and I think I'll try and upload it.

Oh man, the first cut is the deepest. I don't know how Nuno could make this and then slice it, but it didn't seem to pain him. If it's any consolation it tasted great! The cake is a vegan chocolate cake with white frosting and fondant. It tasted like Jos Louis which is perfect for a child's birthday party.


katie a go go said...

WOW!!! That cakes is amazing!! I love all the details. Wonderful work guys! :D

Erin said...

Katie, sorry I missed your call yesterday.
Does this cake make you excited about your birthday cake? I'm really looking forward to your birthday!!!