Friday, April 8, 2011

banana fritters

When it comes to food Owen rules. He loves to try new foods and is a happy and confident eater. Over and above all other foods, bananas are his absolute favourite. He uses the word ‘nana’ to mean all of his food and drinks. Owen can eat a banana no matter what the time of day. His appetite for ‘nanas’ is so insatiable, one day we found ourselves out of them completely and he nearly lost it continually pointing at the spot on the counter where they should have been.

Boy did we learn our lesson, we now overstock our home with bananas. I don’t mind because as they ripen, any unused bananas go into the freezer and when I have enough I’ll make banana bread. This morning we had a major surplus of super ripe bananas that I decided to try these Banana Fritters.
As they were frying they smelled like french fries, but beyond the vegetable oil, there are only 3 ingredients - bananas, egg and flour. Believe it or not they are perfect as simple as they are, but for added sweetness we drizzled a little maple syrup on top.

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Anonymous said...

I love them, you should try adding a bit of cinnamon in it :)