Sunday, December 1, 2013

2 weeks to go

Well, as of yesterday we are 2 weeks from our due date. You'd think I'd have posted "we're close to the finish line" by now, but the end sure has crept up on me. Not to say we're not ready to bring this baby into the world. More like, there are still a million things to do which would be ideally done before she arrives. I'm thinking the most pressing issue is to get my bags packed. We will be delivering in a brand new hospital and after taking a tour I'm really looking forward to the big day. We're also attempting to figure out details of how Owen will continue along to school while dealing with the prospect of Nuno not being able to take much time off. And did I mention I'm working up till the day before my due date? I might have to rethink that one.
Things (as far as comfort) have changed drastically since my 35 week post of desperation. The discomfort I was dealing with subsided after only a few days. I think I needed to learn that this is a time to stay off my feet and put the heels away. I'm feeling great and this baby feels quite huge managing to kick parts of my body I didn't know existed.

Anyhow, one photo to share with you all now at 38 weeks. We're entering the not so flattering/freak show size territory of pregnancy here. But I was pretty excited to get a chance to wear this grey knit sweater dress I bought for a couple bucks at Target 5 years ago. It was always too big, but now that I'm big, it fits! I promise, I'll do one more photo and update one week before my due date if I don't go sooner.
And one last thing, this post marks my 1,000th! It feels like quite a blog landmark pressing 'publish' today. Thanks for reading and sticking with me.

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