Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baby shower #2

This past weekend was a wonderful baby shower thrown by my in-laws. It was loads of fun and part of all the excitement was....

our first time meeting our niece Paige! Here she is with Joe, Sara & Grandma! She's a wonderful baby. She doesn't seem to cry and makes wonderful eye contact with everyone she meets. And her coo's... sigh. I can't wait till our little guy arrives! And it's nice to have a sister-in-law who's recently been through all the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and first time motherhood. Like, unless you enjoy pain, don't give birth in Calgary! hehe I won't get into that.

Some baby clothes are so funny. It looks like we'll have a little miniature Nuno running around since so many of his clothes look like something Nuno would wear.

Kinda cheesy photo of Nuno and I cutting the baby shower cake. This is the first fondant cake I've ever had for a party.

Who'd have imagined the day Joe would be conducting a how-to on Baby Bjorn's.

So, Nuno, are you convinced you need one of these? Lets see if he finds one on Kijiji!

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