Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pre and post baby body

We're three weeks since our beautiful baby Clea joined the family. It was so wonderful to experience the months of mystery where my belly grew and grew. It really does seem like a long time passes being pregnant and then suddenly the baby arrives and life gets turned upside down. Truly though, this transition is a fraction of the change life undertook once Owen arrived four years ago. This time around we're a little more seasoned in the parenting a baby category, so the frequent wake up calls in the middle of the night with Clea seem like a bat of an eyelash compared to the earth-shaking bleary eyed person I was with Owen. I think I'm just used to intermittent sleep and it's not that bad, honest!
Speaking of not so bad is my post pregnancy body. I'm pleased to be restored to a somewhat pre-pregnancy body. What's different, well, growing 2 cup sizes. So I'll be the first to tell you that breastfeeding (in my case) helps bounce you back to pre-pregnancy figure. There's loads of evidence of this out there.

Here I am just before giving birth (41 weeks pregnant) and then hours later after having Clea. You can see I'm in our hospital room bathroom for this selfie.
My post pregnancy body blog entry is a tough one to write. I didn't want to post it, but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't document the changes. This will be my final selfie from Owen/Clea's room (See how it's in transition?) Clea is sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed which is working very well for us. But Owen's room is a huge task to undertake and once his room is complete I'll be sure to blog about it.

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