Thursday, January 16, 2014

clea's birth story

I'm a huge lover of birth stories, whether by mouth or blogs. I shared Owen's birth four years ago, so I thought I'd share Clea's as well. Sometimes these sort of posts need forewarning, a tag of over-sharing, so click through the jump cut and consider yourself forewarned.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Clea was overdue by one week. I had a very strong feeling she wasn't coming early even though she was in position a month early and was feeling braxton hicks from 30 weeks onward. But I never expected to have to be induced. I think this is because after her due date I started getting all the signs labour was iminent. However, the Monday after my due date the obstetrician had to examine my body to see if I was in good shape to be induced. And boy was I, with a Bishop's score of 10 he then scheduled us for an induction between the 21st and 24th of December. Yep, he was right, this was going to be a Christmas baby or she might possibly share my birthday.

On December 21st we got the call at 8am that we could make our way into the hospital for an induction. It was so exciting and I'll admit, I kinda forgot what it was like to go through labour and delivery. The one thing I remember was that my epidural wasn't very effective with Owen, so I remember being in a lot of discomfort. We were fortunate enough to deliver in a brand new hospital for this birth. This hospital Niagara Health System was such a different experience from the General. Massive private sunlit rooms for labour, delivery and recovery. A plush chair which converts to a bed for the partner and a private bathroom with shower. It was a clean and comfortable stay - night and day compared to Owen's arrival.

After a non-stress test our nurse informed us that because it was Saturday the one anestetist working the entire hospital was booked up for half the day but was stopping around maternity soon for another girl in labor. So they quickly broke my water to begin contractions and therefore proceeding our epidural request. Once the epidural was administered it was noon and they began the pitocin drip to get labour rolling. Our nurse, a 30 year maternity nurse vetran, was so relaxed and chill about things, she decided to take a long lunch break. Nuno and I were on our own talking and every once in a while I kinda felt things happening and only really knew I was having contractions because of the monitor I was hooked up to. Soon they were pretty constant and I felt pressure in my bottom. After only 2 hours of labor I felt like this baby was ready to be delivered. At 2 pm our nurse returned and the look of shock on her face was priceless. She scrambled to prep the room and get the obstetrician. Once set up we had four sets of pushes and she was here! This time no assistance, no pain, not a bead of sweat. Nuno claims I was joking in between pushes, but I can't really remember. What I remember is a beautiful girly cry and a large looking baby. Not that 7lbs 8oz is large, but it's not small either. She arrived at 2:21 pm with big eyes and loud cries. Only minutes later she was skin to skin and it was one of the most rewarding and satisfying moments ever!
I'm so happy to share a story like this because everything went quickly, pain-free and as planned. Not the usual scenario, but we'll take it for sure!

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