Friday, January 28, 2011

so... I'm an early 90's indie rock mom

If blogs had existed when I was in high school, I would have had one. And I know I would have obsessively wrote about indie music. But since there wasn't I made mix tapes, wrote pen pal letters to other friends with similar taste in music, wrote a zine and watched The Wedge & City Limits on Much Music.

Fast forward to almost present day and I'm 8 months pregnant - not sleeping and restless. I turn on the TV and the Wedge is on at 4am. Wow, music just isn't what it used to be. Or maybe it's just the Wedge. I decide to make a series recording on my PVR for the Wedge. Now, from that moment to present I'm now a mom finding the only spare time I have in front of the TV is while nursing Owen and the Wedge is only viewed in fast forward. I might have caught the occasional Pavement or My Bloody Valentine video and grown nostalgic for my 10 VHS recordings of music videos.

Well, this week I'm home with a sick baby and while he's napping I thought I'd fast forward through another hopeless episode of the *yawn* Wedge. Oh crap! The PVR recorded some guy who's looks like he's into hip hop, wow, I'm way out of touch - DELETE! - Wait... He said the word "Wedge" and a new logo appears on the screen. I give him 1 minute and he explains that they've reformatted the show. He's live to air and he's not doing too bad of job all things considered. So I give it a shot and it's really super good!

Mind you, this is only the first episode, but the VJ Damian Abraham (from F**ked Up) seems to know his stuff. The videos he's playing actually hold my interest. But I also remember Sook-Yin Lee's first episode of the Wedge in the early 90's and how exciting it was when she was live to air. She also played what she wanted on the Wedge. Can Damian restore that feeling of excitement about music? Or will the show eventually turn back to a black hole of music nothing-ness? Well, only time will tell. But I'm excited to see what's in store because it really looks like this show (which truly has a whole lot of potential) has been taken back by the fans.

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