Monday, November 30, 2009

pregnancy and postpartum body

I never had the chance to post my final pregnancy photos. These were taken a week and a half before Owen arrived. I went bare belly in these shots, mostly because of how stoked I was that not a single stretch mark crept in.

You wouldn't know it from any of the photos I posted on the blog, but I had the best pregnancy wardrobe. I loved the way I looked pregnant. Especially at the end when, no matter where I went, people wanted to talk about the pregnancy. Just what every expectant mom wants - to be indulged about the excitement to come!

Now I'm postpartum and I've completely forgotten what I used to wear before pregnancy. I just assumed I'd still be wearing maternity clothes, but much to my surprise, I had my pre-pregnancy figure back in three days! My belly button was the last to return (that took a week).

I had no idea what the other side of pregnancy would look like. And it really didn't matter to me how I came out as long as my baby was healthy. But I'm really happy that one less thing I have to worry about is trying to loose baby weight.

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Leslie said...

You look amazing, pregnant or not! But yeah, I can definitely see the glow on your face and skin.